Gastronomy and Diet in the Ancient Mediterranean


Dora Katsonopoulou is active in the studies of the Aegean archaeology, especially on the archaeology of Paros and the Cyclades. She serves as a consultant in international research programs and as administration member of scientific Institutes and Organizations.

She has published over 70 scientific papers in international journals and Conference Proceedings and has written archaeological entries for encyclopedias. She has delivered lectures in many Universities and has presented papers in international conferences in Greece and abroad. She has organized a series of International Conferences on Ancient Helike and Paros. Her research and scientific work in Helike has been the subject of the BBC documentary entitled Helike- the real Atlantis, and of a series of programs by the History Channel & the Discovery Channel. Relevant articles about her work were published in international newspapers including the New York Times, Herald Tribune, Independent, and Athens News. 

From Dora you will get first-hand information about the exciting ongoing study on diet and gastronomy in antiquity since prehistoric times. Her presentation will focus on the main trilogy of diet in ancient Greece: olive and olive oil, wheat and bread, vine and wine.

Besides diet, olive oil is also used in medicine, handicraft, cosmetics, athletics and lighting, and their significance in people’s lives are discussed on the basis of ancient literary testimony and contemporary archaeological evidence. The understanding of ancient dietary habits is completed with how they prepared meat and fish, vegetable and fruit with elements such as sauces, spices, and various desserts. 

Learn about the “culture” developed around meals and dishes. In particular, the famous Greek symposia is examined and presented via depictions in ancient art and preserved evidence in ancient sources!

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