Entertainment, Shopping and Restaurants

Dining in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is known for its traditional cuisine influenced by the eastern and not only. Restaurants provide a variety of dishes including traditional Macedonian food, Middle-Eastern food and European cuisine. You can find it all in the centre of the city. An integral supplement to a good meal is good wine. Ladadika and Athonos Square in the city centre offer many choices of traditional restaurants and taverns.

Very popular and at every corner of the city are also the fast food chains where you can have different sorts of traditional pies, sandwiches, or barbecue (souvlaki, gyros) and hot dogs from 1,50 – 5,00€.

Suggested restaurant Cuisine Location Price/person 
Nea Diagonios  Barbecue City centre 15 - 20€
Ayoli Greek, Mediterranean City centre - waterfront 15 - 30€
Kouzina Kioupia Greek, Mediterranean City centre - Ladadika 20 - 25€
Dore Zythos Greek, Mediterranean City centre - Ladadika 20 - 30€
Tre Marie Italian, Brasserie City centre 18 – 25€
Garcon Brasserie Greek, International City centre - waterfront 20 - 40€


Thessaloniki is famous for its intense nightlife and the countless entertainment choices it offers for every taste and at all hours and days of the week. In fact, the city is alive almost every night! The evening starts early with a drink at one of the bars located in the city centre, or by the sea or in the different areas of Thessaloniki. Cafés, bars, clubs, live music pubs and alternative clubs! In the next page, we mention some of the most famous entertainment places in Thessaloniki and what you will find there.

Valaoritou - Syngrou

This is the region which once constituted the industrial zone in Thessaloniki. now it has turned into a hang-out area for entertainment in all categories. You will come across bars with jazz, rock and mainstream music and you will have a great time in the winter, as you will in the summer with the innumerable tables on the streets that make it difficult to distinguish the boundaries of each shop. 


Alongside the coast, on Nikis Avenue, you will find many shops, cafés, bars and restaurants in Thessaloniki, from the White Tower all the way to the port. It is ideal for all hours of the day, since you can start out in the morning drinking your coffee, relaxing in the afternoon or evening after work, shopping, or start your night outing going out for your first drink. There are many bars along the coast of Thessaloniki that stay open until the early morning hours, while it is suitable for all.


The once disreputable region near the port now constitutes one of the most popular hangouts for night entertainment in the city for many years now, hosting some of Thessaloniki’s restaurants, bars, cafés and clubs. The old warehouses and brothels one situated here have been replaced by bars, taverns and ouzeries. The graphic area of the Ladadika with its sidewalks and low, at most, 3-level buildings, once constituted the historic centre of Thessaloniki. It is now a fact that this region is not at the same peak as it was once, and fewer and fewer residents of Thessaloniki prefer this particular area for their night out in the city. Nevertheless, Ladadika is located very close to the port and the coast of Thessaloniki; therefore, you can begin your night outing from there.

Shopping in Thessaloniki

In Thessaloniki it is certain that you will find something that will satisfy the little inner shopper you have. Even Athenians claim that Thessaloniki is a paradise for shoppers. This not only because of the variety of options it offers but also because the city centre maintains its status of the very heart of shopping for Thessaloniki, saving in addition the traditional open market (Agora Modiano). The centre of Thessaloniki is a very compact and walkable area where you find everything from international brand names to local delicacies and artwork for every budget and every style. There are also two large malls: City Gate at the west entrance of the city and the much larger Mediterranean Cosmos at the east entrance of the city, which turned the city to a Balkans top shopping destination: Every weekend a great number of tourists arrive just to go shopping.

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