Congress Daily 26 September 2016



The China Cuisine Association featured four chefs, each a master in his particular  realm of Chinese cuisine – who showed the art of knife skills, such as a shiitake mushroom that looks like an abalone. We caught up with the team of chefs.
CCA has been such an active member with Worldchefs and this is the second congress that you have been a part of.  What are the future plans of the association?
We hosted the Asia Presidents Forum in Wuxi and Jiangsu this year, and were pleased to share the unique characteristic of Huaiyang cuisine from chefs from the Worldchefs family. We also held the China Cuisine World Championship, which was endorsed by Worldchefs. We are excited that for the first time after 28 years, China will be competing in the Culinary Olympics. We are also looking at organising a Young Chefs Challenge.
What are the main characteristics of Chinese Cuisine?
You can break them down into 6 characteristics: Regionality (as every area has different terroir and ingredients), variety of cooking methods as Chinese cuisine has more than 100 types, Harmony, Presentation (so you can enjoy both spiritual and material) and health value.


The word ‘sustainability’ may seem like a massive word, but the truth is every chef can play their part in saving the environment. Christopher Koetke of the Culinary Arts at Kendall College and Laureate International Universities unveiled the Sustainability curriculum, which is now made available to culinary institutions and chef associations.  He presented on how the curriculum has been designed to assist schools to localise and make the content relevant. Good news: This has already gone through beta testing in various parts of the world, with feedback that “This is what the industry needs”. Drop by the Worldchefs booth and have a chat with our education director, John Clancy, to find out more.


Known for his work in preserving  monastic traditions, Monk Epifanios is the published author of the book “The Cuisine of the Holy Mountains Athos”. The book is not just a bestseller, but has been translated into Greek, English, German, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Spanish and Italian.  The revered culinary cook in Greece cooked pots of codfish with water, olive oil, oregano, lemonade, salt and pepper.  What a treat!


The Worldchefs without Borders  Chairman, Willment Leong, introduced his special Feed the Planet task force to the Electrolux Professional team in the morning. Both parties spent time going through the requirements and possibilities of building portable kitchen using Electrolux Professional equipment for use of disaster relief.
Says Willment Leong, “We are all very excited about this partnership, and to meet the team and know we share the same vision. We look forward to doing great things.”


If you were at Pavillion 13 and watched the performances by Edgar Buhrs and Dario Cecchini, you would have walked away with a different impression of meat. The area was transformed into a rock concert hall when Edgar Buhrs and Dario Cecchini took to the stage respectively, with loud rock music pumping up the area.  Edgar shared about the different cuts of veal, and the ways they can be used creatively in dishes, while Dario Cecchini created a visual feast by carving a carcass in front of the audience expertly using F. Dick knives, regaling the chefs with tales of his childhood, growing up in a butchery in Italy.  As Dario Cecchini concluded aptly at the end of his session, “There is only one dilemma – to beef or not to beef? Eat meat!”


1. Go Humanitarian
If you have not heard of Worldchefs Without Borders, pop by the congress hall andlisten to Chairman Willment Leong’s presentation on how chefs have been playing huge roles in disaster relief. Did you know the chefsfrom Greece cooked up 65,000 meals over 7 weeksfor Syrian refugees? Come and applaud our chefs with big hearts.
2. Meet the Next President
Who’s the next President? That must be the big question on Tuesday as candidates John Sloane, Miltos Karoubas and Thomas Gugler step up and member countries cast their vote. It’s a necessity for everyone who is a member of Worldchefs.

3. Malaysia Congress
If the delicious beef rendang at Malaysia’s booth has not convinced you about the wonders of Malaysia, make sure you grab a seat as Team Malaysia presents their plans on the Worldchefs Congress in 2018.

4. Congress 2020
Everyone’s had their koala bear pin, Russian candy and visited the Lyon booth…so the next question is – where should we have our Worldchefs Congress?
Check out the schedule here

5.Meet Mark Moriarty
The San Pellegrino Young Chef of the Year 2015 has been travelling around the wordto share his views on what is the role of young chefs in today’s industry. Don’t miss out!