Congress Daily 24 September 2016


The Worldchefs Congress started in spectacular tradition, with chefs parading their country's flags proudly and anchoring them on the main stage.

It kick-started with chefs parading their country’s flags proudly and anchoring them on the main stage.
Charles Carroll CEC AAC, President of Worldchefs, then opened with a moving speech, reminding chef members about the progress the association has made. Worldchefs today has more than 105 countries, and the humanitarian arm, Worldchefs Without Borders, led by Chairman Willment Leong & his team, has made an impact in countries with need. When the Syrian chefs needed help, they leaned on the Emirated Culinary Guild so they could exist as a chef’s association. “This is what Worldchefs is about, this is what we do,” he highlighted.
He shared, “We are one of the most unique, diverse associations in the world today. Never take this for granted.”


This Worldchefs Congress missed the presence of a great man, and the chefs paid homage to the Godfather of  Worldchefs in more ways than one throughout the Congress.
President Charles Carroll reflected on how Bill Gallagher always reminded him to “Protect the Integrity of Worldchefs”, and how it’s now his main mission.
Stephen Billingham, President of the South African Chefs Association, gave an emotional tribute, along with young chefs from the Young Chefs Club. The audience rose and honoured Bill Gallagher the man with  a minute of claps.  
As aptly said, “Once in a while, we have giants walking amongst us, and Bill Gallagher is truly one. It’s true to say, a man is only clearly remembered upon his death, but Bill Gallagher is an exception to his rule. “


The much-awaited Global Chefs Challenge kicked off with sizzling action from the young chefs at the Hans Bueschkens Challenge. Ten competitors from Australia, Namibia. Singapore, Germany, Greece, UAE, Sweden, South Europe, Denmark, USA, dished up the competition dishes they have been practising for months.  
Says Christopher Malone from Australia,” I have been training once a week with the national team, and also with mentors to improve. I am also in the midst of completing my apprenticeship as a pastry chef and baker, so I can have a better understanding of the pastry side. You can expect my best, I have and will be training hard leading up to the competition.”


The Worldchefs family has grown bigger, and we officially welcomed our new members - Argentina, Belgium, Macedonia - FYROM, Kenya, Maldives, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island, Samoa(affiliate) and Syria (affiliate).
Here’s also a warm welcome to our new honorary members - Helgi Einarsson, Bian Jiang,Hilmar Jonsson, Karoly Varga, Markus Iten, Shojiro Urabe and P. Soundararajan.

5 Things to Look Out For Today 

Personal Lessons on Using MyChefSpace
MyChefSpace is the newly launched Worldchefs social media space you can discover. We also want to show off our newly redesigned Country Member page with new features for every member country. Demonstrations at the Worldchefs booth.
Malaysian Culinary Delights

The Professional Culinary Association (PCA) from Malaysia will be dishing up Malaysian dishes such as beef rendang and bak kut teh during lunchtime. Drop by the Worldchefs booth for a taste!

 Get your Chef Portrait Done
Chefs Roll, in collaboration with Josue Castro, is offering free  portrait shots for all chefs during the Congress. Come by the Worldchefs booth from 10am. Be warned – they photographed 70 chefs yesterday, so go early for your photo opportunity!
 Stellar Speakers
There’s so much to learn from our panel of speakers today – from the founder of molecular gastronomy Hervé This, tea-inspired cooking by celebrity chef Peter Kuruvita to a panel discussion on future trends and challenges in the foodservice industry!

 Hear from Our Sponsors!
We will be interviewing our sponsors during lunch and streaming it live at the Global Chefs Challenge. Come by and have a look!