Accompanying Persons Programme

Thessaloniki City Tour: 2.300 Ages of History

Start: 10:00               End: 13:00

Price: 30,00€ / person

Explore a history of 2.300 years through a city tour in Thessaloniki. Wandering through the city, it is worthwhile to pass through the Byzantine Walls and have a panoramic view of Thessaloniki from the Trigonion or Chain Tower located at the northeast of the city; visit Agios Dimitrios church (5th c. AD) a splendid basilica dedicated to the patron saint and protector of the city. There one can meet stunning Byzantine mosaics and the Crypt, where the saint met a martyr’s death by the Roman soldiers. In the end of the tour, our guide will lead you to the Archaeological or the Museum of Byzantine Culture of Thessaloniki.

Vergina - Veria - Naoussa

Start: 09:00               End: 17:00

Price: 70,00€ / person (Lunch included with wine)

The archaeological museum of the royal Tombs, in Vergina, testifies the culture of the Macedonian Kingdom. The discovery of the tomb of Philip II, in 1977, was hailed as one of the greatest archaeological finds of the century. Rich and impressive artifacts were unearthed and can be viewed there along with the tombs themselves and the amazing frescoes, rare samples of painting from antiquity.
Veria is our next stop, a picturesque town with a unique landscape and architecture. We will drive through the city, see St. Paul’s Altar, the traditional Jewish quarter of Barbouta and take a rest and enjoy a coffee at a traditional café and walk for a while through the lovely streets of the city, full of old Byzantine churches and unique historical monuments.

We will then take the coach to Naoussa, one of the most well known wine producing regions in Greece, where we will enjoy a rich lunch in a taverna, in a relaxing natural environment.

Wine Routes of Central Macedonia - Domaine Gerovassiliou

Start: 10:00               End: 16:00

Price: 50,00€ / person (Lunch included with wine)

Domaine Gerovassiliou has been involved in vine cultivation and winemaking since 1981. On the slopes of Epanomi, a few kilometres away from the city of Thessaloniki, a meticulously well-cared vineyard surrounds the modern winery, where the renowned Domaine Gerovassiliou wines are produced.

Domaine Gerovassiliou is open to all wine lovers and anyone wishing to get to know the world of wine and viticulture. Visits comprise a short walk around the vineyard, a tour in the wine-production, bottling and ageing areas, and the Wine Museum which presents various aspects of the world history of wine-growing. You will taste the Domaine's wines in the special wine-tasting rooms, while enjoying a spectacular view to the Domaine's vineyard. The tour is completed with a delightful lunch on the sea side at a local renowned fish tavern.

Mount Olympus and Dion: A walk in the path of the God

Start: 09:00               End: 16:00

Price: 70,00€ / person (Lunch included with wine)

A walk in the path of Gods leads you to Litohoro, a small town located at the base of Mount Olympus, the Greece's highest mountain and home of the twelve Gods of Greek mythology. Litohoro is a popular destination for those wishing to climb Mount Olympus. An extended coastal area known as Plaka Litohorou is located east of the town where a wide range of restaurants and cafes are found offering great views of Mount Olympus. The mountain is rich in trees and plant life, supporting over 1700 species, some very rare. You will need warm clothes, even in the summer. During the tour you will visit the Archeological Park and the Archaeological Museum of Dion, one of the biggest archaeological sites in Greece. The ancient city was sacred to the ancient Macedonians and Alexander the Great used to make here sacrifices to the Gods, before starting a new campaign to conquer the world. During August, Olympus Festival plays are performed at the restored ancient theatre of Dion.

Excursion to Meteora: A unique place to visit

Start: 08:00               End: 20:00

Price: 90,00€ / person (Lunch included with wine)

We can locate the first traces of their history from the 11th century, when the first hermits settled there. UNESCO has characterised the rock monasteries as a unique phenomenon of cultural heritage. Twenty-four of these monasteries were built, despite incredible difficulties, at the time of the great revival of the eremitic ideal in the 15th century. Their 16th-century frescoes mark a key stage in the development of post-Byzantine painting.

You will be impressed by the monasteries perched on top of enormous rocks wondering how on earth they built them. In fact the producers of James Bond found the rocks so impressive that they had Roger Moore climbing the stone face in the movie For Your Eyes Only.

Feel the Holy Spirit: a Boat Tour around Mount Athos

Start: 07:00               End: 19:00

Price: 80,00€ / person (Lunch included with wine)

Southeast of Thessaloniki is Mount Athos or “Agion Oros”, a unique place to visit. The “Holy Mountain” has been an autonomous monastic state since the 11th century, by order of an Imperial Byzantine decree. It still enjoys a special status of autonomy within the Greek State.

The cruise around Mount Athos is a wonderful combination of knowledge and pleasure. Women are not permitted on the sacred peninsula. According to the tradition, Virgin Mary walked ashore and overwhelmed by the wonderful and wild natural beauty of the mountain, she blessed it and asked her Son for it to be her garden. From that moment the mountain was consecrated as the garden of the Virgin Mary or Mother of God and was out of bounds to all other women. We will have the chance to enjoy the view of the beautiful scenery and the Byzantine monasteries of exceptional and unique architecture.

From the bridge of the ship, a tour guide will explain the historical background and give a full description of the Monasteries, helping us get more familiar with the landscape and the history of the world-wide unique peninsula. The cruise ends as we cross back to Ouranoupolis, where we will stop for lunch in a Greek taverna.

Swim in Halkidiki Blue Waters!

Start: 10:00               End: 16:00

Price: 60,00€ / person (Lunch included with wine)

Shaped like Poseidon’s trident and sticking out into the Aegean Sea, Halkidiki is a treat for visitors. Lush green forests that reach right down to the beach; golden sunlight reflected in the turquoise waters; a traditional style with a rich gastronomic and cultural heritage. Endless coves, unique architectural sites, perfectly preserved Christian monument and a host of unexplored treasures all add their own rich touch to the unique canvas that is Halkidiki. Among this blend of blue and green, there are several summer resorts on the beaches of all three fingers where other minor towns and villages are located. For your daily trip, we are taking you either to an exotic beach bar, either to spend some private time, relax or have fun.